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Interactive Engineering PTY LTD

Sydney, Australia

  • We are actively seeking examples of complex text problems, either during their generation or administration,  problems that can only be easily described in English.
  • If you have such problems, and can share with us a similar document in the public domain, we can show what the solution would look like.  If the application looks promising, we would create a consortium with a consultancy in your geographic area to explore the opportunity further. Or you could ask a friendly consultant how much the Four Pieces Limit is costing you. The answer probably won’t surprise you, it is just that nothing could be done about it.
  • We see this technology as breaking the Four Pieces Limit (a limit we all have) allowing humanity to solve problems in a way it has never been able to do before. We have a vision for this which transcends the technology  –  If you would like to be part of this vision, let us know.

 To discuss further, please fill out the form, giving us some idea of the problem area or your proposed contribution.